Signs & Symptoms

You could be depressed if, for greater than fourteen days, you have felt sad, down or dismal a lot of the moment, or have lost interest or delight in normal activities, and also have also experienced some the signs and symptoms across at least three of the categories below.

It’s important to remember that all of US encounter several of those symptoms from time to time, also it might not indicate you are depressed. Equally, not everyone who's experiencing depression will have many of these indicators.

- not going out
- not getting things done at the job/faculty
- withdrawing from close relatives and buddies
- relying on sedatives and alcohol
- not doing enjoyable activities
- unable to concentrate

- overwhelmed
- guilty
- irritable
- frustrated
- lacking in confidence
- unhappy
- indecisive
- disappointed
- miserable
- sad

- 'I’m a failure.'
- 'It’s my fault.'
- 'Nothing good happens to me.'
- 'I’m worthless.'
-' Life’s not worth living.'
- 'People would be better off without me. '

- tired constantly
- sick and run down
- headaches and muscle pains
- churning gut
- sleep problems
- loss or change of appetite
- weight loss or gain

If you believe which you or someone you know might be experiencing depression, performing our listing is just a fast, simple and secret method to provide you with more insight. The checklist won't gives a diagnosis – for that you'll need to see a medical expert – but provide a better understanding of how you feel and it can help guide you.

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